What is Liber8 SMTP?

Liber8 SMTP comes with Whitelist proxies from our virgin proxies

We also Use whitelist domain name with SSL for each SMTP

So you guarantee that your messages will reach Inbox

Also the package contains a modified VPS ( a remote computer ) you login to it through RDP

So you can let your SMTP program works 24h a day

* The packages contains :

1. Cloud-based SMTP 100% Inbox (300,000 a Day).
2. Virtual Remote Server (VPS), With a modified operating system..
3. Auto Rotation Residential Proxy with built-in AntiDetect on the server.
4. A whitelist domain name for each SMTP .
5. Auto Exclude non-existent and unwanted emails.
6. The built-in rotation proxy and antidetect change the IP Address and the fingerprints, every hour.
7. Smart DNS Servers.
8. Can safely send 200,000 emails a Day without the possibility of being blocked.
9. Ensure that all of e-mails reach the Inbox, regardless of the type of e-mail service provider.
10. Support API, Key + user and password.
11. Users don't need to install anything on their devices because they can login through RDP.
12. All Tools Email Marketers need already installed on the Virtual Private Server.
13. Users simply log in to the VPS through Remote Desktop and use the SMTP and other tools.
14. Instructions to the customers.

*You can send more than 300K a day but we do not suggest that

*The offer is for limited time

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SMTP Inbox 100% Inbox + VPS with built-in rotation proxy and Antidetect (10 Million a Month)

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