The Professional Package (This Package is for Professional people only)
Not Only Unlimited worldwide proxies (1 Year)
But The package is installed on a full edited VPS with RDP and VNC Access

What are the package features?

This package is for Professional people only who know and value the benefits

  1. Edited Virtual Machine (VPS) With RDP and VNC Access
  2. All third party report bots redirected to somewhere else (block them is not good)
  3. A special tool to create a profile for each proxy so the websites can't identify your RDP fingerprints
  4. All Professional people know that websites Identify people by device fingerprints not only IP Address that's why we created this edited VPS with special tools
  5. Fingerprints Spoofer for each proxy you create (Auto)
  6. GPS Location Spoof (Auto)
  7. Timezone Spoof (Auto)
  8. Real 20k User Agents Added to all profiles
  9. Unlimited Proxies for all countries (Fairly usage applied)
  10. Unlimited Traffic / Bandwidth
  11. No Blocked Sites
  12. All Proxies are residential Proxies
  13. Fraud Score 0
  14. Additional tools added to the RDP for Professional people
  15. The package is for 1 Year only but you can renew it
  16. The discount until 15th of March 2023, after that the Yearly package for 250

*This Package is for one Year but you can renew it*

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  1. How does it work?

    First, you connect to the remote virtual machine using any RDP client from your phone or computer. After logging in to the remote virtual machine, you'll see a program similar to the screenshots provided. From there, you can choose the residential proxy location (country, state, city) and customize the device fingerprints as desired. As you may know, websites nowadays identify users through device fingerprints, not just IP addresses. This package includes unlimited worldwide residential proxies and is multi-layered (Remote Virtual Machine + Unlimited Residential Proxies + The ability to change device fingerprints).

    Every time you log in to the remote virtual machine through the RDP client, you can change the device fingerprints and residential proxy. You also have the option to create multiple RDP users, each with unique device fingerprints and a residential proxy. The package offers many more features for your convenience.

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Unlimited worldwide residential proxies + Modified Virtual Machine with RDP With Anti Detect for each profile (1 Year)

  • Product Code: Liber8 Proxy
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  • $150.00

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